Since 2004, our Miami-based PR firm has become the go-to agency for our expertise in the niche market of high-end design, architecture, fine art, luxury brands, as well as celebrity clients and the production of high-profile events.

Our relationship with an international media network enables us to secure highly visible editorial placement for our roster of international clients.

We do everything with the greatest attention to detail and consideration of all the peripherals such as: what your objectives are, who your target is and how best to engage them. We take nothing for granted, and nothing is replicated; our clients are carefully selected to avoid servicing competitors, and every plan is created on demand to satisfy the specifics of each client.

Our premise and our promise are one in the same: PR is not something we do. It is all that we are.

At Forbes PR, we first spend time getting to know exactly who you are, who your target is, and the very best means of engaging that audience. We then design a strategic PR plan unique to your needs and objectives, expertly integrating publicity, event management, endorsements and more to maximize visibility and how, when and where it would most effectively foster corporate relationships, extend your PR presence, engage your target and enhance your brand.

We do not believe that instant gratification and long-term relationships are mutually exclusive; our plans are designed to instantly attract the attention of your audience, while maintaining the right kind of PR presence to ensure that they remain informed and engaged.

Our full-time staff understands that PR never sleeps and therefore, we are always on hand to respond to the queries and requests from our clients.

With our robust network across the US and the world, we are able to maintain the right PR profile and level of visibility sought by our clients in almost any market globally. For this reason, Forbes PR has made a name for itself in the industry.

Personally, we believe that your brand already stands out; we simply focus the spotlight at the perfect angle.

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